Before you iron this bad boy on your jacket, please choose fabrics like denim or cotton for the best results. Synthetic materials like polyester sometimes do not like to be ironed, so please read your clothing / accessory care instructions.

STEP #1 Plug your iron on and set your iron to ‘COTTON’, 204 C (400 F). Let your iron heat-up for about 5 minutes. Make sure the ‘STEAM’ option is turned off, and that your iron isn’t full of water.

STEP #2 Place your clothing or accesory flat on ironing board or heat resistant surface.

STEP #3 Place patch on your desired placement facing up. Adhesive side should be flat against the base of the fabric.

STEP #4 To protect the patch and your item, please place a cloth or tea towel over the patch. Position the heated iron over the patch and press down firmly for 15 seconds.

STEP #5 Remove the iron and allow your patch to cool. Lift the towel and gently rub the edge of the patch to make sure it is secure. If not, repeat STEP #4.

STEP #6 Rock out with your new patch and have fun wearing it on your next bush walk or at the pub. CHEERS 🍺


If you're not camera shy we would love to see the results on instagram or facebook... so please tag @sydneybirdclub or #sydneybirdclub


Birds 'n' Beers Patch
Members Patch