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Before we start, full disclaimer: I am not a photographer, nor am I a tech head. But I do love taking photos of birds…

In 2015 I was on the hunt for a new camera to replace my Panasonic Lumix, a camera that had been with me for many years, but lacked in zoom. Up until that point I relied on binoculars and my eyeballs to see birds.

After comparing endless browser tabs from different birdwatching and electronic sites, I settled on the Canon SX50. The camera has a 50X zoom, 24 - 1200 mm lens. I’ve faithfully taken it on every bird walk and every trip. It’s been an absolute legend and even when I dropped it in the Swan Valley in WA after getting excited to see a Red-Capped Parrot, it still worked like a charm.

All the photos on this website were taken using the Canon Powershot SX50. It works best at long distances with a tripod, although I often find myself improvising with the nearest rock to steady it. If you’re not using a tripod, it’s best to crank up the ISO sensitivity to get sharp photos.

Canon Powershot SX60

Canon Powershot SX60

Sadly, they don’t make this exact camera version anymore, however, the newer model, the Canon Powershot SX60 has an even better zoom of 65X. The best part about both cameras is their relative affordability compared to your other options. Priced at USD $449, the Canon SX60 is a great camera for beginner photographers.

And while I do have camera envy every time I’m out birding and see someone’s enormous telephoto lens, it fades when I think about how much those things cost and the weight of carrying them around all day in the bush.

If you have a favourite camera, we’d love to hear about it. Please comment in below and as always, happy birding :)



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