Birds N Beers: The Unicorn


Ahhh….The Unicorn Hotel. Long before it was voted Sydney’s best pub in Time Out, it was our favourite local. No pokies, no gross carpets and no TV’s. It is an oasis in Sydney where you often have to contend with all three of those things just to grab a pint.

With a big painted map of Australia on the wall upstairs, The Unicorn is a great place to go for a pint after a day of birding. The closest birding spot is Centennial Park, a 189 hectare park within the city. We have a separate post about birdwatching in Centennial Park (see the Sydney birding section), but 130 species of birds have been seen in the park making it one of the top spots in Sydney to go birdwatching.

We usually drive into Centennial Park and spend the day exploring. Afterwards, when we’ve worked up a thirst and appetite, we head to the Unicorn on Oxford Street in Paddington. The food is DELICIOUS and the beers will make any brew head swoon, with local craft beers often on tap and some with limited releases.

With plenty of space, don’t forget to bring your bird books in and review the day.

Our recommendations:

Birdwatching: Centennial Park
Beer: Mismatch’s Wattleseed Lager
The Mary’s Burger (yes, that famous Mary’s burger from Newtown).
Best Bird Gossip: The Barn Owls you saw hidden in the Palm Trees at Centennial Park.


As always, we do not condone drinking and driving of any kind - take an uber for godsakes!

The Unicorn Hotel
Address: 106 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021


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