Birds N Beers: Busby's Bar


Of all the post birding pubs and bars we’ve tried in Sydney, Busby’s Bar, located within The Royal Botanic Gardens wins the award for best view hands down.

Busyb’s Bar is a pop-up bar, open in the summer by Victoria Lodge. It serves local brews and food, including an excellent hotdog (according to this American). Seating is outside, in the Gardens on the deck chairs strewn about the lawn.

With plenty of shade on a hot day, Busy’s Bar is on a point across from the Sydney Opera House. It is harbourside gazing in its finest. It doesn’t matter if your from out of town or if you’ve lived in Sydney your entire life, the breathtaking views looking into the harbour across the Gardens to the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge will remind you of what a truly beautiful city Sydney is.

Our recommendations:

Birdwatching: The Royal Botanic Gardens
Beer: Four Pines Summer Ale
Food: Classic Hotdog
Best Bird Gossip: The Buff-banded Rail that you saw darting into the garden beds.


As always, we do not condone drinking and driving of any kind - take an uber for godsakes!

Busby’s Pop-Up Bar
Victoria Lodge, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, 1C Mrs Macquaries Road.


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