Binoculars We Use - Steiner Safari Ultrasharp Compact Binoculars


The most lightweight pair of binoculars we own are the Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 10x26 Compact Binoculars. With a weight of just 297 grams, these binoculars pair well with toting a camera around. When we go out birding, my camera is always around my neck and the binoculars are on my shoulder.

They are small and easy to use, with great integrity of image, even in poor weather conditions including temperature fluctuations. I wear glasses, so no need for the eyecups (see our post about how to use binoculars if you’re not sure what I mean), but if you don’t wear glasses, the eyecups on these are said to be very comfortable.

Truth be told, it took me a little while to get used to these as I found the barrels would shift easily, making me lose the image all together. After some testing, though I got the hang of it and now I love being able to see so far with such little binoculars.

With a price tag of $279, they are expensive for anyone just dipping their toes into the pool of birdwatching, so I recommend them as a great second pair after you become totally obsessed with birds. With a ten year warranty, though, I can rest assured that if anything breaks, I’ll be in good hands with Steiner.



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