Binoculars We Use - Celestron Cometron 7x50


Our pair of Celestron 7x50 binoculars started it all. Given to me as a gift by my brother years ago, I first used them on a trip to Finland to study birds in 2013. These binoculars have been a part of my birding life ever since then and we take them out whenever we go birding.

They are easy to use with great image integrity and have been extremely durable in all kinds of weather, hot and cold, wet and dry (although they are water resistant, not waterproof). At two pounds they are also easy to carry around all day and come with a comfortable, padded strap and carrying case.

They have a magnification of 7X, meaning that birds will appear seven times larger than your eye alone would see them. They also fit any sized face with adjustable oculars.

Often purchased for star gazing, don’t be fooled - these babies were made for looking at birds. And priced at just $69 AUD, these binoculars offer remarkable value for their price. For anyone looking to get into birdwatching or to give a special gift for the curious new birdwatcher in your life, we highly recommend these.



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