Bird of the Month January: Eastern Yellow Robin


Oh how we love you Eastern Yellow Robin, let us count the ways....

Our bird of the month for January is none other than the brightly coloured and always delightful Eastern Yellow Robin. This medium sized bird belongs to the genus Eopsaltria which literally translates to 'dawn-harper'. And just like the name suggests, these birds are among the first to be heard at dawn. They are common birds, found throughout Southeast Australia and up the coast North. A fun fact is that the yellow becomes brighter further north!

We love them because because they are sweet little birds, easy to spot as they often perch on low branches and sit very obediently to pose for pictures. These pictures are from a trip to Jervis Bay in November, and of all the birds we saw on the trip the Easter Yellow Robin was among the most common. 


They can be found in Sydney too - keep an eye out for a bit of yellow in your peripheral vision, but more commonly, they are easy to spot outside the city on the coasts and in the Blue Mountains, etc. Their conservation status is of least concern, which makes us happy because we love this little bird.

As a footnote to the birds that we've picked for our bird of the month - we've focused largely on popular, colourful birds that most people know or beginning birders are drawn to or find easy to identify. We've also featured birds that are in abundance and at a much lower risk of becoming endangered or extinct. It's easier to get people dipping their toes into the birding pool for the first time to take notice of bright colourful birds and since we focus on beginning birding, we're going to keep calling out popular iconic birds that we love, but this year, in 2018 we're going to be talking a lot about the birds that don't get a lot of glamour or attention that we might take for granted like shorebirds or little brown birds that might be hard to identify.

If you have any suggestions for what birds we should feature or write about, please drop a line and let us know - we always love to hear from you.



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